Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Review - The Good Wife Season 2 Episode 23 Closing Arguments

The second season of The Good Wife ends without too much of a climax since most of the explosive stuff was resolved earlier in the season. This is an interesting choice by the writers, because most network shows operate in the same way, weighing episodes of major importance at the beginnings and ends of seasons. The Good Wife does it differently, though, condescending the arc so it doesn't seem drawn out and retains the same vigor throughout.

These episodes since the Kalinda revelation haven't had the same "what will happen next?!?!" vibe, but are maintained by a sense of unease. "Closing Arguments" keeps the viewers on edge, moving several plots forward while using each character to their fullest. There is a great scene between Peter and Will, scenes between Alicia and Kalinda (who've cooled down, but are definitely far from where they were), and the case features the velocity that the show can pull out when warranted.

The final scene is a bit sappy, although you have to appreciate the acting and directing that went into it. Is this a game changer or a one time deal? With Eli Gold joining the firm and the Democrats wanting Peter's entire family out there, difficult choices have to be made.

We're now in wait and see mode until CBS announces something. As most people probably know, The Good Wife's ratings are low in comparison to CBS shows and low in general. If it makes you feel better, CBS canceled Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior earlier today and renewed CSI: NY so I have a feeling CBS will renew TGW along with the rest of the locks.

Score: 8.9/10
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