Saturday, May 7, 2011

Review - Supernatural Season 6 Episode 22 The Man Who Would Be King

At the end of last week's episode, we learned that Castiel was working with Crowley the whole time. This is a big deal, at least from the Winchesters' perspectives, but as a viewer who has only been somewhat interested in the overall story this season, I wasn't that excited and was waiting patiently to see what the writers would do next.

"The Man Who Would Be King" takes us from the end of last season to the present, all from Castiel's perspective. We see God saving him, a bit of heaven, and the confrontation with Raphael revolving around freedom which is the spark for everything wrong that happened later. To defeat Raphael, Castiel uses the help offered by Crowley, who claims that Purgatory is where Castiel can find the power to prevail. This takes down the path of deception and while he innately knows what he was doing was wrong, the will the win was stronger.

As Castiel recounts the story, we see Dean, Sam, and Bobby are suspicious of him, as they should be after finding Crowley still alive. They manage to trap Castiel, but Crowley comes around, so they leave before finding out too much. After a discussion with Dean in which Castiel claims him has things under control, Castiel sits and asks God for a sign which apparently doesn't come.

At the end up it all, I'm just not looking forward to the season finale in two weeks. There is an interesting dynamic going on between Castiel, the brothers, and heaven, but it's mostly too much too late. After toiling with Samuel and Eve, the season lost its footing and the angel aspect hasn't been there enough to ingrain onto us that this current story is important. I understand the significance plot-wise, since Castiel is a crucial element and both Raphael and Crowley are trouble, but the lack of impact from the angels leaves the plot without enough kick.

Score: 8.7/10
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