Sunday, May 15, 2011

Review - Game of Thrones Season 1 Episode 5 The Wolf and the Lion

Exactly halfway through the season, Game of Thrones hit a boiling point and now everything seems right on the cusp of breaking loose. Like the other episodes, "The Wolf and the Lion" spends plenty of time exploring the world with great expository dialogue. We learn of some more people who may want the throne and there is open talk of the conspiracy. But what caps the episode is straight and direct, Jaime making his move.

From Ned's perspective, there is practically no good option. Does he just go along with Robert's decision to kill Daenerys who has an unborn child or argue and risk losing his position or even his life? Further tying his hands is the fact that his wife went ahead and capture Tyrion, which results in Jaime confront him. This, of course, ends badly and shockingly, as a spear goes right through Ned's leg.

Catelyn's fateful decision to take Tyrion as a prisoner leads the viewers on an odd journey to the Eyrie, where her slightly crazed (she seemed batshit crazy, actually, breastfeeding her grown child and talking wildly, but I don't want to count her out yet) sister Lysa Arryn lives. The prison is great as one side of the walls is missing with a steep drop-off for the prisoner to look over (or, I assume, to jump off as well).

Cersei's conversation with Robert was wonderfully done. There has always been distance between the two even though they are supposed to be married, and the dialogue crystallizes that. Cersei asks direct questions and Robert answer that he could never love her as he loved his first wife. With years of this going on, Cersei is put in a certain context, one that may be more forgivable to her actions than before.

Score: 9.4/10
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