Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Review - Glee Season 2 Episode 21 Funeral

Glee................ Yeah, that's my frustration talking.

Often when I'm watching Glee I find myself enjoying what's going on at the present moment, which probably isn't a surprise since I'm watching the show after all. But there is usually something nagging at me, refusing to be ignored, and that's the part of my brain reminding me that all of it makes no fucking sense.

Take "Funeral," for instance, where Sue's sister dies. Oh yeah, Sue has a sister, which is why she treats Becky well. I can hardly remember Sue's sister and with Sue acting like an evil person this entire season, I actually didn't believe her sister died until a fourth of a way through the episode. Following Sue's absurd behavior, it wouldn't be out of the question for Sue to lie about her sister dying as part of a nefarious scheme, would it?

While the funeral was well-crafted and emotional at times, we also have to see it for what it is, the writers teleporting Sue from the bottom of the cliff, where the crazies hang out, to the top where the normal people are. After seeing Sue literally try to kill people, it was hard to buy that Sue could somehow care about another person and the scenes with her sister were a distant memory.The question going forward is whether Sue will actually be nice, or relatively nice compared to her former state. If she does become more nice, I'll give this plot a pass; if she doesn't, then this will be a colossal waste.

What's scary about "Funeral" is that Sue was one of the smaller problems. The other plot, revolving around Jesse St. James, was one of the worst things I've seen on the show. His appearance last week was already completely random and bad all around, but he sticks around to be a douche and cause strife in the club. Worst of all, Will lets Jesse do whatever he wants until the very end. And, oh yeah, Will is apparently going to Broadway. That would have been good to learn without springing it on us, wouldn't it?

Score: 7.0/10
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