Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Numbers of Interest - Television Ratings for Monday 5/09/11

ABC won with Dancing with the Stars (4.2) and Castle (3.1). Castle still going very strong. Makes you wonder if ABC might put another show in the timeslot next season.

FOX was second with House (3.0) and The Chicago Code (1.7). I guess House is sticking in the low 3s now. The Chicago Code is still in hot water.

CBS was third with How I Met Your Mother (2.6), Mad Love (1.9), a repeat of Two and a Half Men (1.8), Mike & Molly (2.3), and Hawaii Five-0 (2.3). CBS is really hemorrhaging viewers on Mondays.

NBC was last with Chuck (1.4), The Event (1.1), and Law & Order: Los Angeles (1.2). NBC sucking across the board. If it makes Chuck fans feel any better, The Event and LOLA did worse than it.
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