Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Review - The Good Wife Season 2 Episode 22 Getting Off

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The Good Wife has built up such a universe that the implication of the twists have far more impact than the plot development does. The revelation of Peter having slept with Kalinda in the past would be bad news obviously. Alicia is co-workers with Kalinda, so that's a clear problem. But the writers did this season was to make Alicia and Kalinda a lot closer, so there was mutual trust between them. This betrayal, then, is not just withholding of information but of a deeper level of deceit.

Now, with Kalinda remaining Lockhart Gardner after some plot machinations (it would be cool to see Kalinda working somewhere else, wouldn't it?), the tension can only get higher. Alicia will have to see Kalinda every day, forced to relieve the betrayal by both her husband and best friend.

As far as other plot developments, not much happens except more drudging up of Alicia's feelings for Will. After lots of waffling in the first two seasons, will something finally happen between them?

Score: 8.8/10
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