Friday, May 20, 2011

Review - Parks and Recreation Season 3 Episode 15 The Bubble / Lil' Sebastian

The third season of Parks and Recreation ends with a pair of hilarious episodes, and the show certainly has met our expectations after returning at midseason. The two episodes focus largely on Leslie and Ben's burgeoning relationship, and even if you aren't that invested in them (I'm not), you have to appreciate what the writers do with them.

With Chris's policy still in place, they have to tip-toe around and Leslie's mother showing up only makes it worse. Leslie gets Ben in shape, though, and Leslie's mother approves--but only after hitting on Ben. The rest of "The Bubble" is spent on changes in the office due to Chris's meddling. He has good intentions, but he doesn't know how to optimize this specific group of people who respond to things much differently than Chris does. Luckily, Ron Swanson is the man and fixes things.

"Lil' Sebastian" works amazingly well because Lil' Sebastian is practically a legend already. We saw a while back how everyone venerates the horse, so it was no surprise that there could be a large funeral thrown for the horse with many in attendance. The whole proceeding is moving, epic, and hilarious. The last few minutes of the episode lead naturally in the fourth season and several potential stories. Leslie is courted for political office, which is a big deal since she's the main character and heart of the show. And Ron's first wife shows up--and even Tammy (the second one) is freaked out!

Score: 9.5/10
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