Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Review - Breaking In Season 1 Episode 5 Take The Movie And Run

It takes a while for patterns to establish on shows, but we're starting to see a certain set of events the writers always turn to. First, Melanie and Dutch have some sort of problem and it's always resolved in the end. Second, the initial job is complicated midway through the episode and the characters have to regroup at HQ to fix the problem. There are a couple others that the writers return to frequently--flashbacks and Cash's geek creations--but none that are in every single episode.

Since the season is only seven episodes and the episodes are as wacky as they are, this isn't really a problem yet. The show is still fresh enough that these repeating patterns take secondary roles in each episode. Still, if the show does get renewed (there's a decent chance of that happening), I'd like to see some changes.

As for "Take The Movie And Run," the whole setup of having to transport the DVD was ridiculously stupid, but the episode, like the rest, has an upbeat tempo and makes good use of the Comic-Con setting.

Score: 8.7/10
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