Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Review - Breaking In Season 1 Episode 6 Breaking Out

You probably read by now that Breaking In was cancelled yesterday. I was leaning on the side of renewal, but I was wrong. Here was my thinking: Breaking In had okay ratings (a bit less than 2.5), but that was probably because of the American Idol lead-in. Still, FOX may have renewed it for a 13 episode season to see what would happen without AI as a lead-in, considering that Traffic Light bombed and Raising Hope has been doing worse than Breaking In.

The pacing of "Breaking Out" through me for a loop, defying my expectations for once. The KFC problem is resolved quickly and the show usually has the team redoing the job. Instead, Oz traps them inside the HQ where they have to break out. As the episode wound down, it seemed like the team would break out themselves, but Oz shows up to reveal how he'd been inside the whole time. This would normally be the end of things, but no, the writers throw another twist, making Oz fake-panic and cause the team to work together.

Score: 8.8/10
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