Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Review - In Treatment Season 3 Episode 7 Jesse: Week 2 / 8 Adele: Week 2

I wasn't entirely sure what to think about Jesse last week. Jesse is my least favorite of the new patients. He's got issues, stemming from being adopted not knowing his place in the world, and probably isn't like that on the inside, but he's outwardly brash and overall an obnoxious brat. I can't override my gut instinct that I hate this guy. Every character, including Paul, has dislikable elements, but also likable features. With Jesse, however, all he does is berate Paul and even his attempts at humor intentionally poke fun at Paul. I'm trying to remember the previous teenage patients and whether they were this rude, and if my memory is right, they at least tried not to be pests, right?

Out of the new characters, Adele ranks near the top along with Sunil. To be fair to the other characters, she's actually intended to be likable. With the positions reversed, Paul comes off abrasive and rude while Adele sits back and allows Paul to snipe at her. Their second session revolves around Paul's inability to escape from his father and Gina. It's striking that Paul takes such a hard stance against Gina, though it's understandable if Gina was indeed writing about him.

Score: 8.7/10
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