Monday, October 11, 2010

Review - How I Met Your Mother Season 6 Episode 4 Subway Wars

How I Met Your Mother can go off the deep end on occasion, and have an episode like "Subway Wars," which, on the surface, is pointless and silly. It's a race across the city! But what How I Met Your Mother can also do, in the midst of ridiculousness, is humanize the characters, make them not only contestants in a stupid race, but also real people with real feelings.

So we see Lily and Marshall having trouble conceiving, Ted realizing people don't like listening to him go on about buildings, Robin in shambles (becoming a real New Yorker in the process), and Barney, well, he's more than fine. To cap episode, we see Barney allow Robin to win, giving her one good thing to remember, even if it is a pointless race.

Score: 9.0/10
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