Saturday, October 16, 2010

Review - Blue Bloods Season 1 Episode 4 Officer Down

Four episodes into Blue Bloods, and we have a pretty good idea what kind of show it'll be down the road. It's definitely not as deep as it could be, seeing as the family is boring on all levels, but has plenty of untapped potential. Likewise, the police work in each episode is boring and stuck in a rigid format.

There is, as always, discussion of the Blue Templar and discussion of a certain issue among family members, this week being "the old days," only with the positions in the episode switched. Instead of Blue Templar talk coming in the end, it's at the beginning, and instead of issue talk in the middle of the episode, it's near the end, and only between a few characters.

Even though "Officer Down" is no different than the rest of the episode, it packs an emotional punch with the death of an officer (which culminates with a stupid, Michael Bay-esque shooting of the shooter), and the lighter tone at the dinner table in the end was nice.

Score: 8.5/10
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