Saturday, October 23, 2010

Review - Sanctuary Season 3 Episode 2 Firewall

It's unbelievable how Sanctuary can go from the dreary Kali story one week to "Firewall" in the next. Whereas "Kali" has a straightforward story built entirely on plot, "Firewall" takes a breath before launching into the mysterious new storyline.

The first third of so of the episode deals with a few leftover problems--Wexford and Will's ongoing struggles--while also introducing sprinkles of a solid plot (SGU writers take notes). The fact that Kali was incapacitated when the tsunamis were stopped and that she was flanked by two other powerful looking figures looks to be the driving point of the episode. If, as Magnus speculates, Kali get a physical body in Big Bertha, it would stand to reason that those who stopped the tidal waves do to. After Kate spreads some money around, they learn that the Cabal lost 400 men chasing an enormous underground abnormal.

The episode kicks into high gear once two white, chameleon-like abnormals try extracting memories from Will. They're captured and before much happens, they destroy themselves. Still, Henry is able to use a device from the abnormals to get Will's memories back. The fast pacing and unexpected twists made "Firewall" a great second episode of a season.

The final plot twist with the the physical appearance of a mini-city due to Magnus's birthday presents from her father, as cool as it is, is kind of ridiculous. But as Will says, "Just go with it, Henry." Well, viewers will just go with it and see where it all leads.

I was hoping the new theme from the season premiere was a one-time thing, but it's here to stay. Sigh... After the Ashley mess, you'd think the producers learned the important lesson--don't change what ain't broke.

Score: 9.1/10
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