Thursday, October 28, 2010

Review - Terriers Season 1 Episode 8 Agua Caliente

The past couple of Terriers have been able to switch things up significantly, putting the other characters in situations we might not otherwise see them in. The twists and emotional scenes between character have made me a fan of Terriers.

However, there's something unsatisfying about "Agua Caliente." After a entire episode where Katie is in imminent danger and Britt is in Mexico trying to protect her by helping the cartel, it looks as though everything will come down to a crazy climax where Britt learns about Katie's cheating and something major will happen since everyone has their guns out. As quickly as the potential arises, it's instantly defused. By the end of the episode, everyone is where everyone was at the beginning of the episode. Britt is none the wiser about Katie, Hank is still pretty much the same (even though he gets shot), Katie still feels bad about keeping the big secret, and Gustafson is still a cool guy.

Part of my disappointment comes from the fact that Terriers episodes rarely start with something insane. Most of the time, episodes start in average procedural fare and only later in the episodes does something really significant happens. "Agua Caliente" doesn't build to that point. It dishes out the initial shock, Britt's kidnapping, and then slowly resolves the problem from there.

Score: 8.6/10
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