Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Numbers of Interest - Television Ratings for Monday 10/18/10

ABC won with Dancing with the Stars (4.0) and Castle (2.5). Hopefully the dip for Castle was only a blip (rhyming!).

CBS was second with How I Met Your Mother (3.3), Rules of Engagement (2.9), Two and a Half Men (4.4), Mike & Molly (3.5), and Hawaii Five-0 (2.9). HF0 continues to slide downwards and is below where CSI: Miami was last year. Not sure whether CBS is happy with that.

Fox was third with House (3.6) and Lie to Me (1.9). Again, horrible, horrible retention for Lie to Me. Fox must be itching to put something in the slot that won't waste the House lead in.

NBC was last with Chuck (1.9), The Event (2.2), and Chase (1.6).  All three shows were picked up for a full season, so we shouldn't have to worry about the ratings for a while unless they really dip lower.
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