Thursday, October 21, 2010

Review - The Office Season 7 Episode 5 The Sting

With "The Sting," it's like the writers decided that Danny (Timothy Olyphant) was going to be hired in the end and the middle section shouldn't follow any logic. It was definitely a funny episode, but based purely on silly gags.

The setup is that Danny is a superior salesman at an inferior company, so Michael decides to copy Danny's sales technique--by setting up a fake office with a hidden camera. How this is even possible is baffling. Surely Danny would know where the Dunder Mifflin offices are, and I don't believe Michael would even be competent enough to get Danny to go the office without flubbing the phone call. In any case, Meredith ends up as the fake boss, but believes Danny is coming onto her, which she reciprocates. All attempts to reign her in are futile--and hilarious. In the end, Michael proves to be the ultimate salesman, selling the job to Danny.

There was also a fun little subplot with Andy forming a band with Darryl and Kevin. It's mostly padding to allow some other characters to actually do something, but is enjoyable for what it is.

Score: 8.7/10
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