Monday, October 18, 2010

Review - Boardwalk Empire Season 1 Episode 5 Nights in Ballygran

"Nights in Ballygran" deals with people who want to be in a position they can't be in. Nucky's brother Eli wants to have the great oratorical skills his brother does, but his speech is largely ignored as the crowd almost breaks into a riot. Margaret wants to be with Nucky and Nucky wants to be with her, but they're on opposite sides of every spectrum. Pearl wants to be able to earn money again, but realizes her sliced face leaves no possibility for that. Jimmy shows real affection for Pearl, but knows her drug use is dragging her down. Agent Van Alden wants to

The ensuing result is a whirlwind of an episode where, for the lack of better words, stuff happens. Margaret rats on Nucky, as reprisal for ignoring her, and Van Alden crashes the party. Later, Nucky and Margaret hook up, which puts them both in difficult positions. Possibly the most tragic part of the show so far, Jimmy and Pearl's romance, comes to a sad ending with Pearl shooting herself.

Score: 9.3/10
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