Monday, October 25, 2010

Review - The Event Season 1 Episode 6 Loyalty

Exactly how long can The Event last for? At best, the show seems to be a long line of twists, albeit doled out at the right time. The characters started weak and have yet to improve, with exception of Simon who was quite interesting in the episode and instantly became better than Sean and Leila. It seems like there is a definite life to how long the writers can come up with stuff that won't have us groan each time.

The majority of The Event is not bad per se, especially when compared to FlashForward which quickly ran out of steam. As The Event progresses, there appears to be a bigger picture surrounding these individuals. "Loyalty" mainly focuses on how the characters on the small-scale will go somewhere, and not on how they affect everyone else. Most of the time, people are running around the place, but we have no idea what their motivations are, which is annoying but tolerable since the outcome is another twist.

The whole sequence of events from Sophia's escape to the ending is probably the best plot the show has had. The three aliens, Sophia, Simon, and Thomas, attempt to escape the grasps out of government with a few clever tricks. Before they can get away clean, however, the government gets Sophia on camera. The episode ends with the building collapsing and Simon standing to look at an empty crater.

Sean and Leila are supposed to be the normal people caught out in this huge mess we can related to, as opposed to the technologically advanced aliens or the powerful government people. Unfortunately, they are neither good characters, nor do they have good plots. They could be absent for an episode or two and I'm sure no one would mind. This week, they find themselves on the other end of a gun, because they run off to Leila's parent's house. Why would they do this knowing they're fugitives? Don't ask me. Anyway, there's a reporter played by Paula Malcomson who tells them about the aliens.

Score: 8.7/10
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