Saturday, October 16, 2010

Review - Sanctuary Season 3 Episode 1 Kali (Part 3)

Episodes following direct cliffhangers are largely dependent on the previous episode. If the previous episode sets up a situation which has diverse, unpredictable components, we can expect the next episode to carry through and be a good episode.

With "Kali (Part 2), though, that isn't the case. The ending, Magnus losing control of the Sanctuary network before Big Bertha creates the tidal wave, leads to a logical conclusion at the end of the next: Big Bertha will be stopped and Magnus will regain control of the Sanctuary.

And as expected, "Part 3" does exactly that. It's an boring hour of television where we know who's right, Magnus, and who's wrong, Wexford. Without room for moral ambiguity, the episode plows forward to a predictable conclusion: the ship's personnel side with Magnus Will reconnects with Kali, and further flooding is prevented. Great. The only unexpected part of the episode was the only guys with Kali who presumbly were the ones who stopped the floods, meaning there are other entities out there more powerful or as powerful as Kali.

Part of the episode was devoted to trying to make the audience like Kate with her running around to save normal people from the flood. The problem is, I already hate Kate and Agam Darshi is incredibly bland. Seriously, just bring Ashley back through some hackneyed plot device.

Score: 7.7/10
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