Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Review - Caprica Season 1 Episode 13 False Labor

Given Caprica's bad ratings which are only getting worse and the BSG prequel movie in the pipelines, I doubt Caprica will have a second season. After "False Labor," there are only five episodes left in the season. There won't be a proper ending, with the complexity of the world and all the various threads, but we could get some kind of conclusion for the series in the form of Cylons going crazy.

"False Labor"goes opposite to last week's episode which was all about Zoe, Tamara, and Lacy, focusing on the Taurons and Daniel. And, extrapolating into the future, I can sort of piece out how the Cylons could go wild and turn on the colonies.

The episode digs into the Adama's past on Tauron and shifts the story in yet another interesting way. With the current political struggle on Tauron, Sam ships guns back home, but is stopped by another Tauron gangster. The Guatrau, though, is against any intervention, and has Sam clean up the mess. He does so... with a Cylon! The tension that arises is very juicy. Sam is under strict orders by the Gautrau not to ship guns, but Sam clearly wants to do more, saying that they did enter politics back home. Also, as the other gangster said, the Gautrau isn't so powerful, and Sam has a frakking Cylon.

Daniel's attempts to replicate Zoe's program have so far failed while his company wants to start selling the problem soon. Recreating his wife, Daniel soon comes to a problem: She's too affectionate and sexual. That's not Amanda. After telling her all the bad things he did, virtual Amanda continues to love Daniel, definitely something the real Amanda wouldn't do. The frustration comes to a head as breaks the holoband. Better luck next time.

Meanwhile, the real Amanda, showing how different she is than the virtual Amanda, infiltrates the hearts and minds of one of the sister-wives, moving one step closer to trapping Clarice who's too busy wrapped up in her religious mumbo jumbo.

Score: 9.1/10
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