Thursday, October 21, 2010

Numbers of Interest - Television Ratings for Wednesday 10/20/10

CBS won with Survivor (3.6), Criminal Minds (3.7), and The Defenders (2.3). The Defenders is barely hanging in there, so we'll see what happens next.

Fox was second with game 4 of the NLCS (2.9).

ABC was third with The Middle (2.6), Better With You (2.1), Modern Family (4.7), Cougar Town (3.1), and The Whole Truth (1.4).

NBC was last with Undercovers (1.5), Law & Order: SVU (2.7), Law & Order: Los Angeles (2.4). NBC must be very happy about the two procedurals jumping back up after the distressingly low ratings last week. Undercovers isn't dropping anymore, but it still doing bad.
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