Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Review - Caprica Season 1 Episode 12 Things We Lock Away"

These days, when Battlestar Galactica viewers see an imaginary person, they probably say, "Oh great, an angel." When they say Zoe talking with a ethereal version of herself, they probably had the same reaction. It's not that an angel in the head of Zoe couldn't work, it's just that we've been burned before with angel stuff which was plain stupid.

And for the time being, it's not bad since we learn the origins of Zoe's computer prowess and the angel seems to be pushing virtual Zoe to be an entirely different person, detached from real Zoe. On the other hand, the angel will only make a mark in the virtual world, which frankly wasn't very interesting this week. Virtual Tamara and virtual Zoe meet for the first time, but the plot regresses to a bunch of fighting before they stop.

Daniel is reinstated as CEO, only a few episodes after being kicked out. The quick change in direction makes the whole Vergis vs Greystone seem almost too trite, especially now that Vergis is dead. The upside is that we see Daniel willing to take on the Tauron gangsters.

The other pieces remain slow, but they're moving at least. Clarice has Lacy sent to STO training camp (maybe she'll return a competent terrorist) and Amanda moves in with Clarice so she can scope out her place.

Score: 8.7/10
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