Thursday, October 14, 2010

Review - Fringe Season 3 Episode 4 Do Shapeshifters Dream Of Electric Sheep?

The episode title "Do Shapeshifters Dream Of Electric Sheep?" is an obvious homage to Philip K. Dick's classic novel Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep?, and the essential theme stays the same: do these machines feel/have emotions/etc?

Like pretty much every fictional construct which tackles the question, the answer is yes. Shapeshifters, despite being machines who leak mercury, have the ability to feel and relate to others. Their emotions, however artificial in inception, are similar to humans'. We see Newton finding a shapeshifter living happily with his family, and he is distraught after Newton handles his family.

At the same time, there is a deep connection to the other Olivia. Olivia is like the shapeshifters--only specific orders, deceiving those around her, but also forming emotions. Therein lies the problem that'll plague her for the duration of her time in this world. How does she handle her feelings for Peter, Walter, and the rest of them?

Score: 9.2/10
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