Friday, October 15, 2010

Numbers of Interest - Television Ratings for Thursday 10/14/10

CBS won with The Big Bang Theory (4.3), $#*! My Dad Says (3.2), CSI (3.1), and The Mentalist (3.3). $#*! is holding steady, so it should be safe.

ABC was second with a repeat of Grey's Anatomy (1.1) and new episodes of Grey's Anatomy (4.6) and Private Practice (3.0).

NBC was third with Community (2.2), 30 Rock (3.1), The Office (3.8), Outsourced (2.6), and The Apprentice (1.3). It looks like the live episode did the trick for 30 Rock. We'll see if the huge jump carries over next week.

Fox was last with Bones (2.6) and Fringe (2.0). Slight improvement for Fringe, but overall nothing to smile at before baseball preempts both shows for a few weeks.
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