Monday, October 25, 2010

Review - Chuck Season 4 Episode 6 Chuck Vs. The Aisle Of Terror

After a some some subpar episodes this season, Chuck hit the mark where it was last year, emotional, fun, and delightfully twisty. "Chuck Vs. The Aisle Of Terror" was definitely my favorite episode of the season. There's a fun tie-in with Robert Englund as a mad scientist who eventually is brought down by Jeff and Lester's silly Halloween images. And Morgan gets a piece of the spy action as well, although he's only the magnet.

Linda Hamilton really packs a powerful emotional punch, strengthened by the final revelation that she is working for Volkoff and not for the US, as we see just how conflicted she was. Staying behind in Los Angeles just a bit longer to see her daughter is ultimately the factor that led to her capture.

In addition to Mary being captured, Chuck instantly knows Sarah is involved. The good news is that the relationship will be put under more strain than the usual Chuck insecurity, and could actually produce some genuinely emotional scenes. I'm guessing that Chuck will be angry at first and then come around once he realizes that Sarah did it to protect him and his sister.

Looking ahead, Chuck was given an additional 11 episodes last week, which means the stuff with Mary could be extended further than is currently planned. But as of right now, the evidence appears to be pointing towards Mary being a bad guy. However, I'm sure there'll be further twists down the road to throw the characters through the wringer again.

Score: 9.3/10
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