Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Review - Castle Season 3 Episode 6 3XK

Aside from the sometimes lackluster plots, my biggest problem with Castle is that nothing stands out. I can't point to a single scene which was very emotional or thought provoking. The shows rolls along at a good pace, never slowing down enough to grab the nuisances in the middle of the investigation.

"3XK" has a few above-average confrontations with Beckett taking Gates head-on without Castle in the room before Beckett squeezes him about his brother and he crumbles. As far as everyone is concerned, it's the end of the case. However, it's actually his cellmate that is the killer.

The problem with final twists on procedurals is that viewers can always look at the clock. Too much time remaining and they know something is up; too little time and there is no twists. "3XK" skirts the edge of that boundary and I had an idea that something would happen, so it wasn't a complete shock. Still, Jerry is out there and will have to be caught at a later time.

Score: 8.7/10
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