Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Numbers of Interest - Television Ratings for Monday 10/04/10

ABC won with Dancing with the Stars (4.3) and Castle (2.6).

CBS was second with How I Met Your Mother (3.5), Rules of Engagement (3.0), Two and a Half Men (4.5), Mike & Molly (3.9) and Hawaii Five-0 (3.5). CBS is feeling good about itself right now. Its new shows have stabilized and the comedies are good very well.

Fox was third with House (4.0) and Lie to Me (2.1). Lie to Me improved greatly over Lone Star, but its ratings are still far lower than it was last year.

NBC was last with Chuck (1.9), The Event (2.4), and Chase (1.7). NBC must be feeling horrible right now. Chase has collapsed and The Event is in the midst of collapse. The one thing that can be construed as a positive is that Chuck is more or less doing the same.
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