Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Review - Happy Town Season 1 Episode 4 Slight of Hand

I'm debating whether to finish the show or not. Somehow, I'm halfway through this garbage and yet, the ending presents itself as viable summer television. Part of me wants to know who the Magic Man is (not that the investigation is remotely interesting) and what Henley is up to while ignoring everything about the characters. Maybe I'll watch the final episode only.

Either way, "Slight of Hand" was an overdrawn bore, filling the screen with everything mysterious and nothing substantial. Really, the only thing I gleaned from the episode was that Rachel was returned and that the first victim may still be alive--and both facts aren't very important without more context. Everything else, from Henley to whatever John Haplin was doing to Carl Bravin, was like semi-scary filler intended to misdirect.

There seemed to be a huge jump from last episode, when everyone knew nothing and did nothing, to this episode, when everyone still knew nothing but was running around town as if they knew what to do. Grieves is a guy with lots of information, and Tommy runs around with him because his father pointed towards him. OK, Tommy...

Score: 5.0/10
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