Sunday, June 6, 2010

Preview of Week 06/06/10 - 06/12/10

Breaking Bad - AMC, Sunday, June 6, 10:00pm ET

Best show on TV (better than Mad Men, SOA--50 times better than Dexter). That's all that needs to be said.

Lie to Me - Fox, Monday, June 7, 8:00pm ET

After a crazy wait, Lie to Me is finally back with new episodes! And the show was renewed, so we don't have to worry about ratings.

The Good Guys - Fox, Monday, June 7, 9:00pm ET

I didn't particularly like the preview episode Fox aired a few weeks back (review), but it could be worth revisiting if you like over the top silliness and a heavy amount of cliches.

Persons Unknown - NBC, Monday, June 7, 10:00pm ET

This new drama from NBC has an interesting premise--random people trapped in a confined area--but it's success hinges on the execution. Given how NBC scheduled it in the summer, I'm guessing it's probably not that great.

United States of Tara - Showtime, Monday, June 7, 10:00pm ET

The one show that has surprised me the most, more than The Good Wife even, has been United States of Tara. It dramatic turn from the first to second season elevated it far above Nurse Jackie and most other premium cable comedies.

Justified - FX, Tuesday, June 8, 10:00pm ET

I'm curious where the season finale will go and the implications on the second season. Depending on exactly how Boyd turns out, there may either be a shootout or cooperation between him and Raylan, which would be storyline for the second season.

Stargate Universe - Syfy, Friday, June 11, 9:00pm ET

I rag on the show a lot for many good reasons, but it's the season finale and one of the only sci-fi shows airing. The last episode ended with a standoff between the Lucian Alliance who have prisoners and the people on the Destiny who could kill the LA by venting the room.
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