Monday, June 14, 2010

Review - Treme Season 1 Episode 9 Wish Someone Would Care

Creighton has a great line at the beginning of the episode, essentially defining Treme. In the course of addressing his students on The Awakening, he says, "Pay attention to the language itself, the ideas. Don't think in terms of a beginning and an end, because unlike some plot driven entertainments, there is no closure in real life--not really." If David Simon is speaking to the audience through Creighton, he's telling us that Treme is real life, not television where there is a set story.

Of course the big event was Creighton's supposed suicide. Though it wasn't clear whether he died or not, John Goodman, who plays Creighton, is listed as a guest star, which would indicate that he won't be back, at least in the long run. Creighton does seem to get his mojo back, going around town and blissfully sending his family off. However, it's a front for what he thinks is his last day alive.

As usual, the other characters were out and about. After a storm dampens Janette's ability to cook out in the open, she tells Davis she wishes to move to New York. Despite Davis's words to dissuade her, it's hard not to see the financial benefits for her.

I'm really tired, so that's all the reviewing I can do for now.

Score: 9.2/10
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