Saturday, June 19, 2010

How to be a good commenter

I get these people making dumb comments occasionally and I wanted to address it. First, I won't delete any comments unless it's porn or some shit like that. I'll let people have their say and look like idiots. So if you want to be a respectable commenter, here's how.

1) Use (semi) proper English. If you go off on an incoherent rant with 40 commas. no periods, and every other word misspelled, it indicates you probably don't have a good grasp of English. Therefore, you probably don't understand some of the review which is written in English. And if you can't understand the review, it's probably best not to make assumptions and say something incorrect. I know I make spelling and grammar mistakes and I don't proofread, but (most of) my posts are readable.

2) Don't use personal attacks. Seriously, why do people have to act so personal about a television show? I don't litter the blog with ads, I don't attack people personally, though I may critique their acting or writing (and that, by the way, is not personal). Don't call me stupid, etc when all it shows is a mean-spirited person who gets upset about fiction.

3) Don't act like your beliefs are fact; television is open to interpretation. No one knows why Walt doesn't want to turn himself in to the DEA on Breaking Bad. There's no right answers, so don't say _______ is wrong, because nobody's wrong.

4) Use evidence. Want to critique my review? Actually copy and paste a line and then voice your objections. (And remember, be respectful).

5) Post about the episode/show. A lot of these rules are about me, because the stupid comments are directed towards me, but feel free to write whatever you want about the show whether it is positive or negative. If you follow the other rules, I won't have a problem with it.

There you have it--5 simple rules to follow. Whether people choose to follow them is another matter. I'm guessing few will since many dumb comments come from people who only have one comment on Disqus, meaning they stumbled on the review somewhere online and decided to hate on me.
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