Monday, June 14, 2010

Review - The X-Files Season 1 Episode 21 Tooms

Wow, it's the last 4 episodes of the season! Sorry to say this, but I'm practically jubilant to be done with the first season.

"Tooms" is the follow-up to the third episode, "Squeeze," the episode that had the stretchy, old, liver eating monster Eugene Victor Tooms. Going into the episode, we know Tooms is still a monster and wants out--badly. The morons in the judicial system decide to let Tooms out even though he was convicted of attacking Scully. And he's a general creep. Do they see his eyes?? Mulder doesn't make it any easier, pushing his paranormal theory which only serves to undermine legitimate arguments against letting Tooms out. By now, Mulder should know not to push these issues.

Tooms proves himself to be craftier than he looks, framing Mulder for assault after Mulder starts harassing him. After finding the body of Tooms's doctor, Mulder and Scully go to the location of Tooms original lair at 66 Exeter Street which is now a shopping mall. Following a scary and messy attack on Mulder, Tooms is crushed under an escalator, ending his reign of terror.

Frank Briggs returns to help Mulder and Scully bring down Tooms, the kind of continuity that is pretty cool to see. He helped Mulder and Scully the first time around and has a personal investment in the case.

This episode also marks the first time we see Walter Skinner, who becomes a key figure later on. He pushes Scully to do more conventional investigating, meaning no jumps to crazy theories even when all the evidence supports it. Pressure is being put on the X-files and Mulder, correctly, fears it will be ended. The Cigarrette Smoking Man also speaks for the first time, uttering a simple "Course I do."

Score: 8.9/10
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