Saturday, June 12, 2010

Review - Party Down Season 2 Episode 8 Joel Munt's Big Deal Party

Out of all the characters, Roman might be the most pathetic. He clings to hard sci-fi like no other and unlike the rest of them, he's never gotten anything made. At least Henry, Casey, and Kyle get a job here or there. In "Joel Munt's Big Deal Party," he finds out that his former writing partner who he fired, Joel Munt, will be making a movie from this hard sci-fi book written by A.F. Gordon Theodore. Joel is allowed to make the movie only because he promises to keep everything as written without deviations. Roman catches Joel on a small part about some invisible creatures, thus breaking the deal. Then, Roman provides Joel an idea which salvages the idea and Roman is left in the dust.

I haven't taken to Lydia yet 8 episodes into the season, and again, Lydia didn't really make a positive impression on me. She's always off it her own world, not really interacting with the other characters. This week, she snorts some cocaine which makes her extra-wild and crazy. Like normal people would, the Party Down folks stared at her oddly and ignored her.

Henry and Casey were also off doing their own thing. Henry locks his keys in the van, so he can't do his thing with Casey. Instead of calling AAA as Casey suggests, Henry wants to use open it on his own, so he's the "man." Casey continuously chides him as he and Kyle fail to get it open.

Halfway through the episode, I wasn't really looking too closely at the people until I realized the producer was none other than Andre Royo, the guy who played Bubbles on The Wire. He looked amazingly clean and... normal. The author, A.F. Gordon Theodore, was played by Dave Allen who was the hippie teacher on Freaks and Geeks.

Score: 8.8/10
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