Friday, June 25, 2010

Review - Burn Notice Season 4 Episode 4 Breach of Faith

I've reached the point where the spy game arcing across the seasons no longer interests me, and I won't be saying anything about it until there are actual developments. Right now, the show would be better served if the spy stuff wrapped up at the end of the season and focused on the awesome. The tiny movement in this front amounted to finding Cobra dead and his assassin running off, nothing worth noting really.

"Breach of Faith" was considerably stronger than the previous episodes, because it did have a compelling and exciting story. Michael and Sam find themselves as hostage takers along with a guy who lost of a charity's money to a money-grubbing loser. Police swarm the building and they find themselves in a nearly impossible situation.

They do, however, recover the money in the end and escape without consequence, far too conveniently. The plot holes, especially the fact that the police knows exactly who Michael Weston is and let him go, left a bad taste in my mouth. I knew this wouldn't happen, but I wanted to see Detective Paxson return. I know, I know, she was pointless last season, but a return in this opportune moment would actually justify her existence.

Score: 9.3/10
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