Friday, October 8, 2010

Review - The Mentalist Season 3 Episode 3 The Blood on His Hands

The Mentalist has always chosen to explain mediums, psychics, and those kind of people through logical means. They, like Jane, are not superhuman, nor do they receive messages from another realm. One way or another, they use human intuition, research, and a bag of tricks to obtain their goal of seeming to be otherworldly. Jane always gets them in the end, making them look like mere frauds.

One person he's never debunked is Kristina Frye whose medium stuff seemed to be an act but was never confirmed. "The Blood on His Hands," however, goes further than we've ever seen, and nearly pushes The Mentalist into a paranormal world. While I highly doubt the show will go in this direction--given how the first two seasons proceeded--it provides ample opportunity for Jane's faith to be tested. Will he cave and lose confidence, believing there are other forces at work?

There certainly is evidence to imply something mystical. First, Kristina's reappearance, coupled with the weird seance, was very trippy, with her being completely still, reviving, and then going back to being still. I hope we'll see her in a hospital next time so doctors can explain what's going on in her head. Second, Brett Stiles claims to know a lot about Red John. Could Visualize be more than a big scam?

After a disappointing second season, the third season is off to a great start will three strong episodes. Let's how the writers can keep it up.

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