Monday, October 4, 2010

Review - Boardwalk Empire Season 1 Episode 3 Broadway Limited

Again, I have no time and it's in the middle of a slow, slow Monday, so my energy level is depleted and I have no motivation to type anything. When this season of Mad Men ends, I'll definitely have longer reviews up at an earlier time.

Since the pilot, Boardwalk Empire nothing big has happened plot-wise. The characters are developed, the lines are drawn, and we do appear to be heading towards various confrontations in the long-run. For now, people are left to brood over their various economic decisions. Jimmy's decision to rob the alcohol, however, brings about an earlier conclusion: with his identity as one of the shooters revealed, he leaves behind his family for Chicago at the end of the episode.

I'm kind of disappointed that Omar didn't pull out his shotgun to go after whoever killed his driver, but there's still time for that to happen.

Score: 8.8/10
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