Sunday, October 3, 2010

Preview of Week 10/03/10 - 10/09/10

Mad Men - AMC, Sunday, October 3. 10:00pm ET

There are only three episodes left this season and it looks like  SCDP and its employees are in trouble.

Lie to Me - Fox, Monday, October 4, 9:00pm ET

Due to Lone Star's cancellation, Lie to Me returns much earlier than planned. I'd prefer if Lone Star were still here, but it's better than nothing.

Caprica - Syfy, Tuesday, October 5, 10:00pm ET

The agonizingly long wait is over and the second half of Caprica is finally here with 9 new episodes. At last we saw them, Zoe was presumably blown up in a van, trying to get past a police barricade, Amanda jumped off a bridge, and Tamara shot herself and her father in the virtual world.

Supernatural - CW, Friday, October 8, 9:00pm ET

Castiel returns! Hopefully the season will pick up from her on out.
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