Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Review - Warehouse 13 Season 2 Episode 10 Where and When

I've been eagerly awaiting how H.G. would impact the team, and the writers definitely didn't disappoint. Claudia, being new and awkward, is very nervous around her while Pete makes jokes, his usual friendly approach towards everyone. However, Myka and Artie are polar opposites on H.G., and Artie, in particularly, is resentful of Myka for bringing in H.G.

But H.G. gets a chance to prove herself after Artie inadvertently messes with the time machine, and fixes the machine, redeeming herself to the point where Artie isn't yelling at her and eying her warily all the time.

If that wasn't enough, the main plot was top-notch stuff. The usage of H.G., her time machine, and the return of Rebecca was either carefully planned or a stroke of genius. Pete and Myka travel back in time to assume the bodies of Rebecca and Jack while present-day Rebecca finally gets her absolution.

There was a tiny bit of the science in science fiction this week in the form of H.G. saying that she could never change the past. Pete and Myka don't succeed either, but I don't see how the time machine can't change the past. Couldn't someone enter Lee Harvey Oswald's body mere seconds before he shoots JFK and simply stay still (or shoot the other gunmen on the grassy knoll, haha)?

Oh, and that assisted suicide by government agents? No problem. At all.

Score: 9.0/10
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