Thursday, September 23, 2010

Review - The Big Bang Theory Season 4 Episode 1 The Robotic Manipulation

Penny * Sheldon = Comedic gold. (Okay, maybe not as complex as Sheldon and Leonard's boards, but it's a start!) Penny * (Sheldon + Amy) = Comedic gold and in literal sense, stacks of gold (whose price has been climbing for years). CBS took The Big Bang Theory out of a comfortable, profitable Monday time slot to Thursday, where they expect to cash in big. With the possibility of Amy in conjunction with Penny and the guys, it's hard not to see TBBT reaching untapped heights.

Sheldon's first date--with Penny chauffeuring--results in an awkward, silent drive and an illuminating discussion of sex at dinner. As always, it's fun to see Penny as a normal person while Sheldon is being weird and then see Sheldon cut Penny down a notch. Amy acts like another Sheldon, giving him a kindred spirit with which to bounce ideas off of.

Howard bashing * penis jokes = Unfunny. Howard, the guy who's so easy to make fun of, is the butt of a very, very, very predictable and stupid joke. His penis gets stuck in a robot hand. There are a bunch of dumb suggestions (Winnie the Pooh, really?) before Howard goes the hospital where his penis is freed by turning the robot off.

While I, and probably everyone watching, could have done without Howard's plot, the rest of the episode was running on full cylinders.

Score: 8.8/10
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