Sunday, September 26, 2010

Preview of Week 9/26/10 - 10/2/10

Dexter - Showtime, Sunday, September 26,  9:00pm ET

Ever since the third season, I've been pretty bored with Dexter. Dexter is a fascinating character, but the rest of the characters, with Deb as a small exception, are poorly developed and get a fair amount of screen time. And even the twists within each episode don't do much for me. Still, the huge twist at the end of the fourth season and a change in showrunner might just be enough to lure to back.

Boardwalk Empire - HBO, Sunday, September 26,  9:00pm ET

Boardwalk Empire opened huge for HBO and was quickly renewed by a second season, so hold on--the ride is just beginning.

No Ordinary Family - ABC, Tuesday, September 28, 8:00pm ET

It's cool seeing Michael Chiklis as a good guy, but the superpowers and family drama are ordinary. Seriously, marital problems, guy problems, super strength, super speed, hearing thoughts, and super intelligence aren't supposed to be ordinary? Come on!

Stargate Universe - Syfy, Tuesday, September 28, 9:00pm ET

The show I love to hate is back. Watching SGU is very frustrating. If you look at the scores I gave the show last season (and my scale has since changed to make all scores slightly lower), they weren't all bad. In fact, there were only a couple bad, bad episodes. The good stuff in each episode is overshadowed by some of the dumbest things I've ever seen.

The Good Wife - CBS, Tuesday, September 28, 10:00pm ET

Last season's best new drama is back. Continuing from last season's cliffhanger, Alicia will decide between Will and Peter (although I'm guessing the matter will be unresolved).

Law & Order: Los Angeles - NBC, Wednesday, September 29, 10:00pm ET

Prepare for the onslaught of murdered starlets.

Human Target - Fox, Friday, October 1, 8:00pm ET

Human Target started with a mountain of promise and the ratings were pretty good with a few AI lead ins. But then each episode was pretty much the same, a slight variation of a theme, and the ratings dropped, including my opinion of the show. Hopefully, things will be fine this season.
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