Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Numbers of Interest - Television Ratings for Monday 09/20/10

Broadcast television is back in full-swing and so is this daily post.

ABC won with Dancing With the Stars (5.1) and Castle (2.7). Going up against two new crime procedurals, Castle held on with very respectable numbers. If things keep on like this, we can definitely expect a fourth season.

CBS was a close second with How I Met Your Mother (3.6), Rules of Engagement (3.1), Two and a Half Men (4.9), Mike & Molly (3.9), and Hawaii Five-0 (3.9). As expected, the comedies, including newcomer Mike & Molly, did well, and the heavily-promoted Hawaii Five-0 did extremely well.

Fox was third (leapfrogging NBC in the final numbers) with House (4.2) and Lone Star (1.3). Things are not looking good for Fox, as House was down from last year, and Lone Star pathetic numbers make it a surefire cancellation, the biggest shocker of the day.

NBC was last with Chuck (2.0), The Event (3.6), and Chase (2.3). Chuck premiered lower than last season's premiere, but its numbers were on par with the season average. The test will be if Chuck doesn't lose any more viewers. The Event is NBC's main attraction this season, so it's no wonder it did well. But The Event needs to hold those viewers. Chase dropped .2 from the originally decent 2.5 from the fast national, but it's still a contender
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