Thursday, September 23, 2010

Review - Community Season 2 Episode 1 Anthropology 101

The self-conscious of Community and its writers is absolutely amazing. Right when things appear to be veering wildly off course towards normal-sitcom land, a character, usually Abed, chimes in with a correcting comment. But it almost seems too much at times when everything stops for a side conversation and then starts again on the drop of a dime. Still, "Anthropology 101" reminded me why Community is so great, and it was by far the funniest show of the week, with jokes coming from all direction at all times.

After the events of last season finale, the school isn't what it used to be. Britta is seen as a folk hero who wasn't afraid to express her feelings, and Jeff is the mean guy who let her down. Meanwhile, Pierce and Troy who spent the summer living together.

To rectify the situation, Jeff decides to throw things back in Britta's face and profess his love in the middle of class run by Betty White, who plays a slightly crazed anthropology professor. Britta, realizing Jeff's ploy, reciprocates and awkward kisses him, creating a mess of a situation, going as far as Britta's marriage proposal. In one fell swoop, all the romance from the first season--sex after paintball, the season finale kiss--is all brought into the open, bringing the processions to a screeching halt.

Betty White, however, manages to save the day--by almost killing Jeff. The event brings everyone together, and humanity's biggest tool, respect, according to Jeff, fits their circumstances. With the potential romances scuttled for now, Community has the study group back together and on friendly terms.

Community manages to get a few hits on $#*! My Dad Says with Pierce's own @oldwhitemansays with the usual racially insensitive Pierce-isms. What we didn't see, though, were any attacks on The Big Bang Theory which is competing in the same time slot as Community. As it stands, Community is like David with his arms and legs chopped off and TBBT is Goliath with a howitzer, so I kind of expected some kind of counterattack. Well, here's to hoping Community survives another season!

Score: 9.3/10
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