Friday, September 24, 2010

Numbers of Interest - Television Ratings for Thursday 09/23/10

CBS won with The Big Bang Theory (4.9), $#*! My Dad Says (3.9), CSI (3.4), and The Mentalist (3.4). TBBT's move to Thursday is looking pretty good for CBS. Though S#*! was actual shit in terms of quality, it held up well. It did, however, drop for the quarter hour, so it should be decreasing next week. Sadly, all the tweeners (Justin Bieber fans) didn't help CSI (and from what I read, JB can't act).

ABC was second with My Generation (1.6), Grey's Anatomy (5.4), and Private Practice (3.2). Yet another flop for ABC in My Generation while the medical dramas stayed upright.

NBC was third with Community (2.2), 30 Rock (2.6), The Office (4.4), Outsourced (3.6), and The Apprentice (1.4). Community managed to maintain the previous season's numbers even against TBBT. Without The Office to lead in, 30 Rock dropped, but still has respectable numbers. The Office was strong as always, and helped Outsourced greatly. Of course the real test for Outsourced is next week.

Fox was last with Bones (2.7) and Fringe (2.1). Bones is going about the same as last year as Fringe. However, in Fringe's case, that means numbers that would usually spell cancellation. Fox execs have always expressed confidence though.
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