Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Review - Sons of Anarchy Season 3 Episode 2 Oiled

"Oiled" was a necessary set-up episode in the grand scheme of a 13-episode season. The various plots and subplots all got a little push, and the season is starting to shape up.

The drive-by turns out to be a patch over of another gang, part of the Mayan's push into Lodi and continuation of their deal with the Aryan Brotherhood. There seems to be a division in the IRA (though much of the dialogue was muddled to me), ending with the killing of Cameron, despite Jimmy giving orders to keep everything quiet. Tig gets shot by the Gemma's father, thankfully not fatally, but the nurse becomes curious, looks into Gemma, and discovers the $25,000 reward. Ka-ching! However, Gemma is there is stop her and has her at gunpoint by the end of the episode.

As of this moment, I'm hesitant to jump on board this big search for Abel. Already, the idea of the club going to Vancouver doesn't seem too interesting, but we'll see how the plot proceeds.

Score: 8.7/10
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