Sunday, September 19, 2010

Review - Rubicon Season 1 Episode 9 No Honesty in Men

By now, we've come to expect that Will--or more precisely, Rubicon--won't dive straight into the conspiracy. There won't be long chase scenes involving Will running for armed men, a shootout in the middle of a crowded street, or the usual hallmarks of a conspiracy show.

But Rubicon isn't just a conspiracy show; it's as much a psychological thriller as a conspiracy. The conspiracy slowly unwinds and a fairly uninteresting fashion (since we know so little), but always around the characters who react very cautiously. And in this way, Rubicon manages to maintain a degree of uneasy tension, even if we know there won't be explosions of that kind of stuff.

In "No Honesty in Men," Will gets plunked in a relationship with Andy, the woman who's been spotting him through her window. Despite Will going to her initially to surveil his apartment, they end up meshing and in bed together. The final message: they're in this together. Yeah, it's cliched, but at least Will catches Donald Bloom in the act.

The homefront at API was a nice blend of drama from Grant, whose wife frustrations about his job seem to be getting to him, and comedy from Miles, who is charmingly earnest in his dealing with Julia.

Finally (!!!), Katherine inches closer towards Will, uncovering API and even scoping the building, passing Miles and Julia on the way out. The meeting between her and Will is so close it's only about a month away!

Score: 9.0/10
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