Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Review - Lone Star Season 1 Episode 2 One in Every Family

Week two ratings are in and Lone Star is a goner, performing even worse than last week, unable to generate additional viewers from the buzz created by showrunner Kyle Killen. As it stands, Lone Star will coming off Monday nights soon. Fox simply can't waste a huge House lead in on a show which has no ratings. My prediction is that Human Target gets the spot and Lone Star is moved to Friday which is a pathetic night for Fox anyway. Or Lone Star is outright cancelled in the next few weeks.

OK, slight update. In the middle of writing this review, Fox canceled the show... So yeah, there's not much point in reviewing a show which will only have 5 episodes total, even if Fox decides to air the remaining three at another time or release them online.

Lone Star was far and away the most innovative new show on network television. The relationship between Bob and his father has more layers than all the characters of the new network shows combined (no joke!) and the style of the show is packed with intrigue. My guess for the poor ratings, despite critical acclaim, is the concept of the show and ambiguous marketing. I'm guessing there isn't a large segment of America who wants to watch some guy deceive two women. However, there is a large segment that would watch a textured family drama that isn't all about sex.

Score: 9.2/10
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