Friday, September 24, 2010

Review - Outsourced / My Generation Season 1 Episode 1

I was originally planning on reviewing both separately, but due to time constraint (I still haven't watch Nikita, and Supernatural is already here.), I'll lump them together. (Though, in all honesty, both shows don't deserve reviews for their horribleness.)

Both shows have a single message and they shout it loud and proud. For Outsourced, it's "AMERICANS NO NOTHING ABOUT INDIA AND INDIANS KNOW NOTHING ABOUT AMERICA." For My Generations, it's "PEOPLE CHANGE AFTER HIGH SCHOOL."

No subtlety whatsoever, just hyperbolic lines and situations to whack us over and over again with the same damn message. The sad part is that they both have decent, unique concepts with the poorest of poor executions.

Outsourced Score: 6/10
My Generation Score: 2/10
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