Thursday, September 30, 2010

Numbers of Interest - Television Ratings for Wednesday 09/29/10

CBS won with Survivor (3.5), Criminal Minds (3.6), and The Defenders (2.5). Survivor is slipping but still strong, and Criminal Minds is doing fine as well. The Defenders, however, is falling into danger territory.

Fox was second with Hell's Kitchen (2.8, 3.0).

NBC was third with Undercovers (1.6), Law & Order: SVU (2.8), and Law & Order: Los Angeles (3.2). Undercovers is surely dead, premiering low and falling even further. On the other hand, LOLA started off strong.

ABC was last with The Middle (2.5), Better With You (2.2), Modern Family (4.6), Cougar Town (2.8), and The Whole Truth (1.2). The Whole Truth is dead and Better With You isn't looking too good, but the other comedies are around where they should be.
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