Saturday, September 25, 2010

Numbers of Interest - Television Ratings for Friday 09/24/10

CBS won with Medium (1.4), CSI: NY (2.0), and Blue Bloods (2.2). CBS sure is looking silly for canceling Ghost Whisperer and keeping Medium. CSI: NY, as expect, dropped significantly from what is was getting on Wednesday nights, although it had been on a downward trend. Blue Bloods premiered respectfully on a night where no show did well.

NBC was second with Dateline (1.4, 1.8) and Outlaw (1.1). Outlaw is a goner. Most people who watched it on Wednesday didn't bother to tune in again.

ABC was third with repeats of Modern Family (1.4), Better With You (0.7), The Whole Truth (0.9), and a new episode of 20/20 (1.5). Mostly reruns, but no surprises here.

Fox was last with a repeat of Human Target (0.6) and a new episode of The Good Guys (0.9). After struggling all summer, The Good Guys returned with little more than a whimper. It's doubtful Human Target will help it either, and I wouldn't be surprised if we see the combo perform worse than TSCC and Dollhouse. Well. that's Fox on Friday.

Nine times out of ten, the CW comes in last (which is why I don't include its ratings). However, the CW was in third place last night, beating out NBC and ABC, with the combo of Smallville and Supernatural. Looks like the swap is paying off nicely.
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