Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Numbers of Interest - Television Ratings for Monday 09/27/10

ABC won with Dancing with the Stars (4.8) and Castle (2.8). Castle is looking very strong for now.

CBS was second with How I Met Your Mother (3.9), Rules of Engagement (3.2), Two and a Half Men (4.8), Mike & Molly (3.7), and Hawaii Five-0 (3.6). All clear at CBS, with the possibly exception of Rules.

Fox was third with House (3.8) and Lone Star (1.0). House is doing fine, but Lone Star did worse than last week's already dismal 1.3 and was canceled later in the afternoon. Well, the two episodes were great.

NBC was last with Chuck (2.0), The Event (2.9), and Chase (2.1). No good news in sight for NBC. Chuck dropped by .1, which actually pales in comparison to the sharp drop of The Event and average drop of Chase.
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